25 de marzo de 2010

They All Had Tentacles & A Beautiful Lotus - Split [2009]

Artista: They All Had Tentacles & A Beautiful Lotus
Album: Split
Año: 2009
País: Estados Unidos
Género: Electro/Cybergrind/MidiGrind

They All Had Tentacles
01. Job for the Blind
02. They Don't Call Me Flash Gordon for Nothing
03. Painting Hearts in Brain Matter
04. Andrew Says Punch Hard Things
05. Sigma Six Very Emergency
06. Hey Rex, Fuck You!
07. S is for Switchblade
08. There is No Stealth

A Beautiful Lotus
09. The Plane Comes Crashing
10. Forever Metal
11. OH! A Breakdown
12. So Very Lost (W.Blazer)
13. Octohairsenn Dlux
14. Le Zombie Wife
15. On An Island
16. Serenata Roja

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